image of the week 04.05.2017

May Day Bank Holiday - I was asked to help move my friends Narrowboat over the long weekend from the Midlands to London for their new home. Our journey started at Hatton, a little village just outside of Warwick, and the flight of 21 locks that make up Hatton Locks. Apart from that it was a very relaxing journey along the Grand Union canal, that was broken up by stops at pubs along the route!

image of the week 26.04.2017

I've never been to the London Marathon, at least not that I can remember. So it seemed only right that now I'm living here, I might as well go on down and take a look. What I was amazed by was the sense of community - There was a steady stream of runners going past and the crowd was constantly cheering them on. It was almost a festival vibe going on along the route, people were drinking, music was blaring and the sun was shining. Overall it seemed like the day was less about the race, but about bringing people together and I loved it! 

image of the week 21.04.2016

I had a lovely shoot with my Andy this week. I've known him for a while now but got to know him better the past year after moving to London and living just round the corner from him. Unfortunately he is moving out and onto a boat soon so I was eager to take some pictures of him. Especially in his small garden as Andy is a bit of a keen gardener. Luckily the sun was shining so I was able to utilise the dappled light which I love so much! 

I hope you all enjoy the images, and have a great weekend everyone!

image of the week 06.04.2017

Sorry for the delay in posting and missing out last week blog! I'll make sure I put in twice as many photos this week to make up for it!

Anyway the reason for missing last week was that I was in Spain on holiday! More specifically I was in the Costa Blanca (or white coast) on the South East Coast which you may have heard of as that is where Benidorm is ;)
I stayed in the Northern area in Denia, a port town in the shadow of the Montgo Massif national park. The Montgo national park is a protected area surrounding the mountain and is important as it contains important archaeological finds, such as cave paintings and Iberian settlements. Also there is a wealth of flora and fauna in the park with around 650 different types of species of flora within its 2150 hectares.

image of the week 17.03.2017

This weeks post is about Walworth Community gardens, where I have been photographing this week. I'd walked past this garden a couple of times and was coloured intrigued, so I decided to look into it. 

"Walworth Gardens was founded in 1987 when a group of local residents reclaimed a derelict street corner and created a community garden. Over the years the garden has become a popular place for local people to visit, and a vital training hub for vulnerable, excluded and unemployed adults. The garden has also become an award-winning demonstration garden, while our Gardening Services team has developed into a reputable supplier for borough-wide gardening contracts." - Walworth Gardens website.

Image of the week 10.03.2017

So I've had a few thoughts floating through my time in London so far. Most notably was the idea of the shard. This glass point rising up over the London skyline.

I was struck by how many places you could actually see it from. Not only that, but the juxtaposition of the foreground from which you viewed the building. My aim now is too create a series of views of The Shard from viewpoints across London in the hope to create a cross-section of the cities landscape which are tied together with one single characteristic. They all feature this newly defined feature of the skyline.

Image of the week 28.02.2017

Yesterday I had portrait shoot with my old friend from back home, Llion. I went over to meet him at his home just near Haggerton. Llion had a great look and I wanted to focus on that - using just natural light around the house.

Fujifilm GFX-50s hands on day.

Last week I got hands on with the new Medium Format mirrorless camera from Fujifilm - the GFX-50s. My initial thoughts on the camera are very positive. As an X-series shooter I was very familiar with the menu and found it very easy to get to shooting.

As RAW is not currently supported by the we were shooting in jpeg, which had the benefit of using Fuji's famous film simulations. This worked very well and allowed beautiful results straight out of the camera. Image quality is what you would expect from a medium format sensor, sprinkled with a bit of Fuji processing magic. I'm not a pixel peeper myself, but at 100% I was very impressed with the results.

Handling the camera was very much like picking up a professional full-frame DSLR, even though the autofocus doesn't care. It does remarkably well for a medium format camera, I've handled the Hasselblad X1-D and Phase one and would say that it beats them hands down in that aspect.

Overall I was very impressed with the camera. It is a solid product that will deliver outstanding results and portability at much cheaper price point that its' competitors without any noticeable cons.

Please note all images were taken by me on a pre-production camera, and then the JPEGS were tweaked by me in photoshop.