Fujifilm GFX-50s hands on day.

Last week I got hands on with the new Medium Format mirrorless camera from Fujifilm - the GFX-50s. My initial thoughts on the camera are very positive. As an X-series shooter I was very familiar with the menu and found it very easy to get to shooting.

As RAW is not currently supported by the we were shooting in jpeg, which had the benefit of using Fuji's famous film simulations. This worked very well and allowed beautiful results straight out of the camera. Image quality is what you would expect from a medium format sensor, sprinkled with a bit of Fuji processing magic. I'm not a pixel peeper myself, but at 100% I was very impressed with the results.

Handling the camera was very much like picking up a professional full-frame DSLR, even though the autofocus doesn't care. It does remarkably well for a medium format camera, I've handled the Hasselblad X1-D and Phase one and would say that it beats them hands down in that aspect.

Overall I was very impressed with the camera. It is a solid product that will deliver outstanding results and portability at much cheaper price point that its' competitors without any noticeable cons.

Please note all images were taken by me on a pre-production camera, and then the JPEGS were tweaked by me in photoshop.